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Gymaholic is a fitness application that enhances users' workout experience. It provides a wide variety of workouts and exercise plans to support fitness goals, offering a diverse range of options from intense training sessions to targeted strength-building routines. Users can track their progress, access expert guidance, and customize their workouts based on their preferences. Additionally, Gymaholic allows users to select their preferred trainer from a variety of experienced professionals. This enables a personalized fitness experience, as users can choose a trainer who aligns with their goals and training preferences.

Role UX/UI Designer

Year 2023

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Principal tasks

The existing user experience of the app was disorganized and presented significant challenges for users when trying to navigate through its features, ultimately resulting in user confusion. Our primary goal was to comprehensively revamp the UX, designing specific newly introduced features and the task of designing the watch app entirely from the ground up, guaranteeing a cohesive and synchronized user experience.

Redesigning UX

The app's user experience was quite chaotic, causing users to face numerous challenges while navigating its features, leading to confusion. Our main objective was to completely overhaul the UX.

Adding features

During the application redesign process, we incorporated a range of exciting new features. These additions were carefully selected to facilitate the users and provide additional functionality.

Watch app design

We carefully designed the watch app from scratch, focusing on creating a smooth and optimized experience. Our aim was to ensure that users could effortlessly navigate and interact with the watch app,

Redesigning the app

Competitor Research:

Our journey began by immersing ourselves in the market landscape. Through in-depth competitor research, we examined similar applications, identifying their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. This analysis served as a foundation for our design strategy, empowering us to identify user pain points and discover opportunities for differentiation.

Defining User Needs:

we identified the challenges users were facing in the app and we obtained valuable insights into our target audience's preferences, expectations, and pain points. This comprehensive approach enabled us to gain a clear understanding of the specific issues we needed to address and identify the desired functionalities our users sought after.


Through a process of iterative design and prototyping, we redesigned the application's interface, and overall experience, aiming for a seamless and optimized user journey. Additionally, we incorporated new features into the app that were specifically designed to facilitate and enhance the user experience. These additions were carefully selected to address user needs and provide additional functionality.


I recreated the login and signup experience, refining the user flow and redesigning the screens to ensure a seamless and intuitive journey for users.


It shows the workouts users completed in a week out of their planned workouts.


It showcases the user's workout streak.


users update their weight while a visual graph tracks the fluctuations over time.

Colored fire symbol shows workout completed and Uncolored icons shows workout skipped.

Displays the daily planned workout, facilitating an easier start for users to begin their exercise routine.

Login & Signup

I recreated the login and signup experience, refining the user flow and redesigning the screens to ensure a seamless and intuitive journey for users.

Workout & Feedback

The previous workout design was plagued with confusion and clutter, leaving users perplexed. I undertook redesigned and transformed the entire page into a clean and intuitive experience that eliminates confusion and guides users seamlessly through their workouts.

Creator Profile & Plan Purchase

As part of enhancing the platform, I designed a new addition in Gymaholic that allows creators to sign up and showcase their fitness platforms, empowering them to guide and inspire users. With my involvement from the initial stages, I designed this feature to facilitate seamless interactions between creators and users. Now, users have the opportunity to easily explore and purchase personalized fitness plans directly from these talented creators, fostering a dynamic and rewarding fitness community.


I redesigned the messaging app within the platform, providing users with an improved channel to communicate seamlessly with their coaches. By reimagining the interface and enhancing the functionality, I aimed to create an intuitive and efficient platform for users to interact, seek guidance, and receive support from their coaches.

Watch app design

User Flow


On the homepage, we positioned the most frequently accessed features of the application for effortless access. Users can quickly navigate to the core functionalities they use regularly, enhancing their overall user experience.


Users can update their weight and view their weight history.

Water Intake:

Users can update their water intake in the watch app and it’ll display the total water intake.

Weekly Workout Goals:

Users can set weekly workout goals, and the homepage displays completed workouts compared to the total goal.

Start Workout:

Users can start their workout from Start Workout button


This page contains exercises and the users have option to add more exercises in the workout. By tapping the "Add Exercise" button, a new page emerges where users can customize exercise details. They have the flexibility to include notes, replace existing exercises, and delete unwanted ones.

Water Intake & Weight

On the weight page, users can update their weight and access their weight history. Similarly, on the water intake page, users can log their water consumption and review their water intake history, ensuring a comprehensive overview of their progress.

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